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  • To Take An Enemy's Heart


    Master Igen, an oppressive and ruthless ruler, has the Azkun clan killed. He only keeps one survivor, Kassan, a frail young man who is to be his slave. When Kassan becomes attracted to his Master, without knowing he was the one who murdered his entire family, and his brother is revealed to be alive, he will have difficult choices to make.

  • Wishing for the Moon


    Alessandro Leone is a young and brilliant actor. Luca Arcadi turned his back on his wealthy family to become a writer. Adrian Hoeg is a famous Danish theater director. Marco Amedei is nineteen year old lead actor.

  • Idol


    The jaded New York City artist David hires a beautiful hustler named Adam to pose for a painting. David finds that this portrait finally captures the true passion in his soul.

  • Anima


    In a steam-punk futuristic world the beautiful dancer Danya seems too perfect and pure. He's unlucky to have an obsessed fan who's also a cynical journalist.

  • The Lily and the Rose


    World renowned studio Dany&Dany, creators of Idol and Wishing for the Moon, return with a sumptuously illustrated gothic tale of forbidden love in revolution era France.

  • Beyond


    The magazine recruit Namjoo is caught up in the publication's conspiracy. Whenever he opens an office, bathroom, or wardrobe door, or also a magic “door”, he gets sucked into a fantasy world!

  • Intense

    Kyungha Yi

    The gang leader Yoonshik takes Jiwoon when the child's father hangs himself. Eight years later, Jiwoon is working as a bodyguard for Yoonshik.

  • Specter Wars

    Youngoh Kim

    1881 AD, the Joseon Dynasty faces a turbulent period. It’s right when a mysterious murder occurs. Youngik, the son of Queen Min, orders Chaeyul to investigate it. Fierce battles and intrigues begin.

  • The Story of Dr. Donghyun

    MiHyoun Cho

    The young, handsome, and skillful doctor Donghyun roams the earth seeking someone to cure... or devour.

  • Fix My Heart


    Jihu is helping out his father at an old electrical repair shop where Eunjun becomes a regular. Suddenly, Jihu notices that Eunjun is spending more time at the shop than he actually needs to.

  • Age Called Blue

    Est Em

    Age Called Blue follows two friends, Billy and Nick. These boys have been living as roommates while doing everything they can to promote their band.

  • Saihoshi


    The spoiled Prince Anel must travel without military escort to a neighboring kingdom where tensions run high. Sastre, an honorable Guardian, is brought in to be Anel's only protection for the journey.

  • Stallion


    The Native American Stallion is out for revenge on the cowboy who ruined his life, but he has competition from Josey, another one of cowboy Bill's victims.

  • Work, Fight and Love

    Hajin Yoo

    Soohan doesn't like Taeyul because he is smitten by their seducing boss, Mr. Yoon. Who will win the race for Soohan?

  • The Greatest Villain

    Sujin Kim

    When Sawoo gets bullied in high school, his only friend Kido promises to teach him how to become the greatest villain.

  • Sweet Blood

    Seyoung Kim

    By chance, Sooho Lee draws the attention of an eccentric and malevolent vampire. Night after night, the attacks grow worse until Sooho realizes that the strange creature intends to kidnap him and feed off his blood... forever...

  • It's Not Love

    Youngran Lee

    It's simply passion and sexual desire between Ganghyuk and Joowon. A firework that could soon die out because they are from different social classes.

  • My Ex, Client

    Sujin Kim

    Years after breakup, ex-boyfriend shows up as a big shot client. There's no way to avoid the situation.