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    Ok, i almost feel sorry for GaYoon except he treated ChaEun so badly for so many years, he wasn't 'faithful' to ChaEun, he didn't even properly confess earlier on before doing all sorts of things, and he never even tried to earn or gain ChaEun's respect or trust because he just relied on ChaEun's obsession (which maybe he assumed to be devotion and adoration). But, MoonHoo was much kinder and sweeter to ChaEun from the start so the ending is just okay or mediocre for me. He was a major jerk and didn't follow any clear morals or principles, but by being so over-powered I guess GaYoon got used to gettinf away with a bad attitude .... I still would have liked a bit more redemption of GaYoon, although, some is better than none (he wasn't just a blind rapist, but actually had some 'sincere' possessive concern for ChaEun ... Not sure I would identify it as love or even like, but for GaYoon's personality it was something).

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