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    Truly potent story woven with a (frankly) delicous ;) amount of classic BL content that remains true to the organic flow of the story/plot without resorting to cheap fan service. Really am in love with this, just so much! The plot is deep and tension ridden on the face of it already and full of self-reflection and feuding emotions that usually take place within the main characters' own hearts and minds themselves. They both seem to be battling with their own inner wounds or need for revenge as they come to the realization that they each have fallen for the other. What I love is their really isn't much "good guy" or "bad guy" or "hero" and "villain". It's not nearly that black and white and as a reader you can clearly empathize with BOTH mains and what they've had to do to survive. On a side note, the art is exceptional and I could stare at it all day. Really is just super cute and sexy *sighs* with drool-worthy romance scenes that easily yield to tense/dramatic/tragic ones. I wish all BL could be like this!!! Such a fan!!! <3

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