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    In the beginning I found the pacing awkward and it almost made me question if this really was a Yoo Hajin work. Now I’m regretting ever doubting her because just like with Totally Captivated, she knows just how to get you to latch onto the characters and kick you where it hurts most. I’m only giving this 4 starts because it felt too fast and I feel like more could’ve been added but if it was longer, I’d definitely give it 5 starts.

    I can now def say I’m a Yoo Hajin fan and I want to read all of her works ;;

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    i don’t think there are any words that could help accurately express how much i’d die for yoo hajin’s works. totally captivated was a masterpiece, his house was beautiful and this yet again is another masterpiece. every time she releases a new work, i scramble to find english translations and i’m so glad it’s finally been translated. thank you to everyone that made this possible, and thank you to yoo hajin for pushing through and creating this because honestly it’s breathtaking. i’m gonna obsessively stalk for updates now because i’m always in need of more yoo hajin

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