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    Like Seyoung Kim's other work, Boy Princess, this series is beginning to have some problems. So many people and themes and storylines are starting to crop up that it can begin to drag as each chapter has to switch between story lines and people which leaves little time for the story to progress significantly from chapter to chapter. I love this series just like Boy Princess but at the same time there is so much going on outside of the main story line that it seems jumbled and just like with Boy Princess getting to the finish line-Presumably and hopefully a happy ending for Suho and the Dragon King-will be an issue. What started out as a simple story about a boy pretending to be a girl slowly falling for The Dragon King is quickly getting bogged down with political and pseudo-philosophical stuff I just don't care for. With Seyoung simplicity just doesn't seem to be her cup of tea. Plus, it doesn't help that the translations are somewhat obfuscating at certain points.
    Also 1 character is painted as tragic, his name escapes me but you know which one, but I find this maddeningly hypocritical in light of what he is implied to have done to the Dragon King (Though I could be wrong and that event may have been blown out of proportions but the author has yet to truly elaborate on the event). Another thing: the pacing, the pacing is... painful. Like I said, there is so much going on that a single chapter often jumps between story lines or forgets about others completely and I have a feeling that this is going to get worse and more confusing as the series progresses and just like with Boy Princess I have a feeling I will care nothing about what happens unless it affects the main characters directly.

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  • misaxixon


    I totally agree with you. There are so many side characters and so much going on that it makes the story less enjoyable. I still like the series nonetheless, but I'd totally enjoy it more without the many-yet-same-face side characters. Truthfully, I enjoyed reading beginning volumes a lot more when the story is still straight-forward and delightful.

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    I like the fact that their relationship is being portrayed slowly and I can see a lot of hidden depths in both the characters. But, then there's the fact that the chapters are 10-15 pages long. Either the site split them up to make more money or the author did but it feels really choppy either way. Can't wait for my next fix tomorrow.

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