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    Wann's "Collide" follows en suite with other classic titles such as "100% Perfect Girl" and "Can't Loose You". In classic Wann fashion, our heroine Joy is a beautiful and pure 18-year old who is forced into a situation far beyond her control. In terms of female-positivity and empowerment, "Collide" is certainly an improvement from Wann's previous works, with Joy actively fighting for her freedom, and the taboos that Wann normally features around sex and purity are slackened (with both men and women encouraging a more healthy and positive attitude in this regard, for the most part). With that being said, Joy is still basically a waif and a nervous, aching wreck who constantly needs saving from the men around her. If she's not in harms way from some obscure threat, then she *is* the threat - her beauty and seductiveness being undeniably maddening to the hormone-drugged men in her life. One thing it's truly missing is a bit more heart beneath the wildness. The relations between characters are often so overcome with feeling and lust that one has to wonder - what would these characters talk about if they weren't wildly attracted to one another? But if you don't mind the constant wide-eyed stares, frightened gestures, shaking hands, and wild declarations of passion, then there's certainly something entrancing about a story like "Collide". It's the classic stuff that makes up sweeping melodramatic tales of passion and romance, and the amazing art style and full-colour pages are simply luxurious.

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