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    I read this a while ago, but what I do remember of it is pretty good. I picked up Devil's Bride and was really looking forward to a new volume in that series, but alas, no new volume has hit America yet.

    So, I looked for another series by the same author. Boy Princess seemed kind of typical and a bit of a turn off, as I never really liked the idea of a girl that's really a boy in disguise.

    I took a chance, and guess what? I ended up staying up all night finishing this series! What kept me reading was mostly the funniness, and the few moments that the two main characters got together. If I remember right, there was some drama and evil-plotting mixed in with the main plot, and after staying up shortly before reading Godchild, which is full of evil-plotting, I was hooked.

    Some of the situations with the cross-dressing seemed ridiculous and made me wonder exactly how long one could go without someone catching some kind of hint that one wasn't the gender they were claiming to be.

    This manhwa is a great read, and decently long, too! The length is just right and satisfied my need for something that wasn't just a thoughtless oneshot or two-volume short series. The art in this manhwa is also very impressive, by the way. Historical clothing is mixed in with lolita-esque fashion, and of course Korean culture. It's very refreshing.

    Please do read, and see what you think.

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    Totally Captivated is a great, great manhwa! I picked up this book at my bookstore just to pass time, actually expecting for it to be very boring and typical. I based this off of the cover art of volume 1.

    After reading only a few pages into the first chapter, I was absolutely amazed. Hajin Yoo has made a series that is actually realistic in it's unrealistic plot. My favorite line was something alike, "I wondered if I could have mind-blowing sex with a stranger who I didn't love. I could."

    It was very shocking to see a series that seemed very typical and romance-based have something like casual cheating, and of course, let's not forget Mookyul's relationship with Chairman Lee.

    Chairman Lee and Mookyul are just about, my favorite part of this series. It was very, very bold for Hajin Yoo to make such a young, strapping man be with such an old man, that could be considered his adoptive father.

    This title is funny and hip, yes, but it isn't for those who are used to fluffy, committed relationships where both persons involved are madly in love with eachother and would never consider cheating.

    Totally Captivated is a wonderful series that bring a realistic light to a unrealistic, typical storyline. This is not fluffy, even if it does have a fair about of chibi-humor. This is not all about romance, even though Mookyul and Ewon are very much in love.

    Totally Captivated evolves into so much more than than the romantic comedy it's summed up to be.

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    The first thing I noticed about Let Dai, was the art. The art was almost resembling classic manga such as Sailor Moon or Inuyasha, yet the color was vibrant and the feeling modern.

    The art is extremely important to Let Dai, because it doesn't make the characters look perfect and fake. Let Dai is all about reality, and how it keeps trying to break through into Dai and Jaehee's world, where only they exist.

    Let Dai is the the first book, manhwa or manga, that I've read in a long time where such serious issues such as rape and suicide were put in between the two main characters.

    Dai is truly despicable at some times, and Jaehee is equally immature at some times. Let Dai, at the same time, is about so much more than just Jaehee and Dai. There are many other characters in Let Dai that are impacted by these twos relationship, such as Dai's gang, and of course, both of their families and friends.

    Unlike other series, Let Dai does not force a side-character short story onto you, like a filler episode. Let Dai ties these side-characters in perfectly with the main plot, and enjoyably.

    Overall, Let Dai is a series that has serious matters, like rape, gang violence, and abuse of every kind. It's also a series, however, that lets you escape into the world of Dai and Jaehee, where, when they have their few but beautiful moments together, only love and happiness exists.

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