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    The artwork wasn't very appealing at first as it looks like this was created several decades ago. However do not judge this manhwa by the artwork, I assure you the drawings get much better as you read deeper into the story (and you won't mind as much because of its captivating plot and character development). Having read the entire series in original Korean, this manhwa is TOP-NOTCH. The main character is someone who anyone can relate to, there are many parts of the story where she enters monologue-mode where it depicts her inner emotions and troubles. You cant help but feel sympathy (or sadness) for her. There are times when I've cried and as silly as that sounds you will understand when you have read the series in its entirety (& I don't normally cry mind you). Dialogue and the author's use of words are quite artistic as well. There are plenty of foreshadowing, imagery, unexpected events, romance, with a bit of science fiction to keep you on the edge of you seat. The author really transports you to a different place that feels real. Being my favorite manhwa/manga I can only give it a high rating and praise. My only wish would be for dramatization of this series :D But I can only wish. Please continue translating this series!

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