• 0/6 (Zero-Six) 1 Free

    Youjung Lee SF · 21 Chapters · Completed
    15 Reviews

    Moolchi's absentee father sends him a most unusual gift--a stunningly-proportioned 'girl' who may or may not be made of flesh and blood.

  • Hotel California 1 Free

    JTK Comedy · 6 Chapters · Completed
    8 Reviews

    Somewhere in America, the Collin Prison exists where there's plenty of room free of charge for anyone who gets himself in trouble.

  • Madtown Hospital 1 Free

    JTK Comedy · 17 Chapters · Completed
    11 Reviews

    Madtown Hospital is black comedy on prescription steroids! Get ready for one hysterical ride into comic madness!

  • Let's be Perverts 1 Free

    Youjung Lee Comedy · 17 Chapters · Completed
    23 Reviews

    Perverto is just a regular 17-year-old...with the unavoidable nickname, "pervert." Unlike his namesake, he's actually quite naive when it comes to sexual matters; his first and only youthful romance having ended terribly.

  • Almost Highly Classified 1 Free

    JTK Comedy · 25 Chapters · 06.08.07
    18 Reviews

    A chaotic uproar of the Almost Highly Classified Team members who settle in a remote beach-side village!

  • Passionate Two-Face 1 Free

    Youjung Lee Comedy · 13 Chapters · Completed
    10 Reviews

    Lost and confused over the loss of his only love Haeji, Sangbaek meets a very special make-up artist by chance and becomes the most good-looking guy of the day.

  • Please, Please Me 20%

    Kisun Comedy · 39 Chapters · Completed
    9 Reviews

    Single ladies sure have it tough! Eligible bachelorettes Aeri Goo and Nagyung couldn't agree more. Both are established career women, and though they approach dating from the opposite ends of the spectrum, their goal is the same: Find that special connection.

  • 10, 20, and 30 10% 1 Free

    Morim Kang Drama · 29 Chapters · Completed
    17 Reviews

    Three extraordinary women in three age groups and three unforgettable lives intersect in Morim Kang's fascinating 10, 20, and 30.

  • Dalgeun, the Invincible 4 Free

    Kamdae Comedy · 16 Chapters · Completed
    0 Reviews

    Thug meets girl and this life crashes into afterlife in this fun fantasy comedy!

  • Fresh! 3 Free

    Eru Jung / Yunjeong Kim Comedy · 30 Chapters · Completed
    7 Reviews

    A girl with severe case of malephobia believes her male classmate as a girl.

  • Chiro 20% 1 Free

    Hyekyung Baek Comedy · 60 Chapters · Completed
    8 Reviews

    Inan desires Eunyu no matter the cost. One boy has the world on a string. The other boy has Eunyu. Only one will win.

  • Is It Just Me?! 80 Free

    Eunyoung Kim Comedy · 80 Chapters · Completed
    7 Reviews

    Life-long single girl Bong Park and her friends' usual daily lives.

  • Girls' Student Council 3 Free

    Hyongsup Shin / Hyewon Han Comedy · 17 Chapters · Completed
    3 Reviews

    Myunghyun wakes up from a car accident and quickly notices a shocking reality - his and Narae's bodies are changed! He has to act normal and live Narae's life. But an average male student can't do much when Narae is a perfect student in every way. What's worse, he has to run all-girls student council as the president! Can he survive the tasks he's supposed to take on and ever regain his body?!

  • Cat Prince 10% 1 Free

    Morim Kang Romance · 73 Chapters · Completed
    5 Reviews

    Skyla is a girl who speaks Cat. Logan is a boy who humiliates her as his hobby. One day, Logan finds himself tortured by a curse that transforms him into a cat.

  • KPOP Idol 21 Free

    Jungmin Kim Comedy · 21 Chapters · Completed
    1 Reviews

    Members of KPOP Idol magazine are struggles to keep their publication going admist declining subscribers. They decide to cover all kinds of interesting facts about KPOP Idol scene for potential readers who may not be familiar to Idol culture. The project brings out the innermost otaku nature of the staff members. Will they be able to attract more KPOP fans to keep their magazine alive?