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  • Let Dai

    76 Chapters

    Let Dai is a tragic tale of forbidden love and unforgivable betrayal. Set in a soulless neo-Seoul, ruled by young punks and pleasure seekers, an amoral teenager named Dai is the living embodiment of the city's beauty and cruelty.

  • Lie to Me

    7 Chapters

    7 graphic novellas by Youngran Lee.


    36 Chapters
    Jan 19, 2009

    A grand-scale masterpiece of life in a dystopian future: Aegis paints a picture of the love and friendship between the orphans Jino and Izare. Having gained independence from Revro, the earth secretly trains an army of boys. Jino and Izare are abandoned to the camp, and Izare silently sacrifices himself to keep his promise to Maria that he'd look after Jino. But Jino escapes the soul-killing cruelty of the camp. With Jino in his heart, Izare remains to become an ultimate weapon. The boys' lives and the secrets of the mysterious Maria gradually unravel in this epic Sci-Fi drama. For Earth, can peace and utopia be won? For Earth, can peace and utopia be won?

  • Cases and Then Some

    5 Chapters

    Keiji Nishiono, 36 years-old, owns a small private detective office that is in the brink of bankruptcy. The only employee he has is the beautiful and diligent, Takato Eisei, who is always taking care of the useless Keiji. One day, they receive a request from a gay man who has a trust issue with his partner. But to do that Keiji and Eisei have to infiltrate Shinjuku 2nd district as a gay couple! It was such a smooth job, but they have to end it by kissing each other?! Since then, in their small and narrow office, another feeling that crosses the working partner boundaries starts to bloom... "Cases and Then Some" is a pure romantic BL of two clumsy detectives that were beautifully told in 6 chapters!

  • This Boy is A Bottom

    6 Chapters

    Anri and Toru have been friends since high school, but maybe it is too early to call them best friends. Anri dislikes gays since his male boss had continuously harassed him. Meanwhile, Anri is a proud gay bottom! One night, Toru was in heat, and he felt calm being touched by Anri. Since then, the relationship between them changed dramatically! It seems like Toru always has something in his mind that he is afraid to tell... If you are a fan of reversible BL, "This Boy is A Bottom" should be included to your bookshelf! This volume includes two extra chapter from "Rule No.1" series. Etsu and Rio started living together. Will their new life affect their relationship?

  • Because You're Shy at Night

    6 Chapters

    "Because You're Shy at Night" is a compilation book of Haruna Takayama's cute and heart thumping BL manga! Sleep Next To Me Tonight: Sonoyama is a hard-working salaryman that had forgotten how to enjoy life since his parents died and he had to take care of his two little brothers. One morning, he unexpectedly woke up in his Boss’s bed. Terrified of being fired, Sonoyama dashed out from the house. But why can the insomniac Sonoyama can sleep so well beside the conceited and kinda-sadistic Boss? Noisy Days of Life: Tsuji had to take over his grandfather dormitory as a manager. His days are quite dull compared to his previous office job, but the existence of one tenant, Minami made his days livelier. Can Tsuji take a high-schooler’s love-at-first-sight confession as a serious proposal? I’m no match for my Kouhai: Wakamiya has been asking his genius and handsome Kohai, Yoshikawa, to teach him so he can move up to the next grade. But whenever they start a study session, they always ended up sleeping together. Wakamiya decided to focus more on studying and stop having sex with his Kohai, but one day he happened to hear Yoshikawa’s actual motive... Pleasure me with your hands: Nao and Narikawa entered one of the most prestigious salons, Tibella in the same year. But only Narikawa has already promoted to a professional hairdresser. Nao doesn’t deny that Narikawa has it all—looks, talent, and well, his fingers are super attractive—and that’s also exactly why he has a feeling for him. But his insecurity made him avoiding Narikawa instead of approaching him... And Narikawa's reaction is...? Man Pleasure x Man Friends: Katori has always been hiding his feeling towards the most popular co-worker, Suga. The already-unrequited love hurts more deeply when Suga said he hates Katori’s glasses. But When his glasses accidentally falls on one occasion, why did Suga show a very different attitude towards Katori? Is it more than just about the glasses?

  • Sweet Blood

    79 Chapters

    By chance, Sooho Lee draws the attention of an eccentric and malevolent vampire. Night after night, the attacks grow worse until Sooho realizes that the strange creature intends to kidnap him and feed off his blood... forever...

  • Totally Captivated - Webtoon Edition

    126 Chapters

    The mafia threatens Ewon into working for a loan shark, where he's forced to run dangerous errands for no pay. The culprit who doomed Ewon to this life is none other than Jiho, Ewon's jealous ex who still burns at Ewon's infidelity.

  • To Take An Enemy's Heart

    64 Chapters

    Master Igen, an oppressive and ruthless ruler, has the Azkun clan killed. He only keeps one survivor, Kassan, a frail young man who is to be his slave. When Kassan becomes attracted to his Master, without knowing he was the one who murdered his entire family, and his brother is revealed to be alive, he will have difficult choices to make.

  • Magic Soup

    17 Chapters

    After the notorious magician Larmanilla hires the warm cook Romiard, he soon after begins criticizing Romiard’s food. Romiard, unsure if he should stay, feels that maybe he should give the approaching Larmanilla a chance.

  • Red-haired James

    27 Chapters
    Apr 03, 2020

    Henry takes in the orphan James, and they begin healing and caring for each other. Knowing only bits of their dark past, their relationship becomes more complex when more things start happening.

  • Fall For Me

    24 Chapters

    Jihyoon is confident that he can easily make guys, even straight ones, fall for him. It worked quite well up until he met Gyungwoo.

  • I Have a Boyfriend

    45 Chapters

    The campus soccer star Hyunho approaches his former first love Gyul after meeting him again at the university. With the help of Hyunho, the withdrawn Gyul can open his heart and give the romantic relationship with Hyunho a chance.

  • Give to the Heart

    116 Chapters

    Earth suffers a cataclysm. Three godlike beings emerge to rule over survivors. Lord Ganok controls all nations with rain or blights them with drought. And so, Sooyi seeks her vendetta.

  • Fix My Heart

    16 Chapters

    Jihu is helping out his father at an old electrical repair shop where Eunjun becomes a regular. Suddenly, Jihu notices that Eunjun is spending more time at the shop than he actually needs to.

  • Blue, Black, Sky

    26 Chapters

    The brothers Dohyung and Jaegyung have a natural family bond. At least that’s what they think... But then one day, their father suddenly summons them and reveals a secret that will change their relationship for good…

  • Absolute Obedience~If You Don't Obey me~

    31 Chapters

    You Shouto, an arrogant young CEO would not let Riku Gen, the guy he had been obsessing with for 3 years escape for the second time. For Riku, this chase-and-run game is a nightmare, but slowly but sure he realized that he had already been chained by the pleasure of cruel destiny with the man he despised the most. "Absolute Obedience 〜If You Don't Obey me〜" is a tale of surprise and dark romance that would absolutely make the reader enchanted until the end.

  • It Begins with Goodbye

    5 Chapters

    Kei Kurosu, the ordinary office worker, is a being that feeds from humans' life force. Since men with strong libido have stronger life forces, usually he also sleeps with them. One day, Kei bumped into a handsome mixed-race hotel owner, Shou, who suddenly took Kei to his room and said, "I've finally found you again. It has been 20 years since the time you left our house and tell me to find you". Despite Kei having no memory about that promise at all, Shou keeps pursuing him and his body! For some reason, Kei could not use his memory modification on Shou. Moreover, he started getting addicted to Shou's taste... What actually happened in their past? Will the love born between these two different beings last forever?

  • His House

    50 Chapters

    Gangyoo only needs one more gig to earn enough money to graduate and live a normal life. There's only one catch. His new client is a man named Soohyun.

  • Work, Fight and Love

    66 Chapters

    Soohan doesn't like Taeyul because he is smitten by their seducing boss, Mr. Yoon. Who will win the race for Soohan?

  • Boy Princess

    38 Chapters

    Boy Princess is a pulse-quickening tale of swords and sorcery, faraway kingdoms, and the fairest princess in all the land. Except...this is a fairy tale with a twist.

  • At the Class President's Beck and Call

    5 Chapters

    This Volume includes 3 BL chapters that will make your heart races! At The Class President's Beck and Call: Just like the others, Ichika’s joined the student council because he admired the beautiful and charismatic President Sasamori. But the president is actually a hardcore masochist! And as the only person who knows, Ichika had to help the president enjoy his weird hobby. One day, Sasamori asked Ichika to accompany him to an S&M Club, but why did Ichika felt so irritated when the other club members were playing with the president's body? The Secretary and His Pet After a massive number of council members resigned at the same time, the ones who left beside the president and vice-president are only Yashiro, the secretary, and the 1st-year Mochizuki. At first, Yashiro only thought Mochizuki as a loyal pet who will gladly follow his instruction and will smile if got praised but what he did not realize that the pet might not be a cute hamster or rabbit... but a snake ready to predate him! Now Then, Sir, Here's Your Aphrodisiac Kojou is an elementary school teacher who got stressed easily. Fortunately, he ran to his underclassman from university day, Hiiragi, who was also his first love! Hiiragi gave Kojou a drug that can help with his complication. He did get better, but not without a side-effect—an irresistible sensitive body! Thankfully, Hiiragi decided to take responsibility in the best way Kojou never imagined.

  • My Lucky Star

    5 Chapters

    To support his werewolf family, Kiyoto Ogami joined an Idol audition despite the risk of being found out as a nonhuman. Surprisingly, he was then chosen as one of the members of a promising idol group, but the most popular member, Motoharu does not agree with Kiyoto's acceptance. Aside from his mission to earn money, Kiyoto also has an obligation to find a destined bride which was told by tradition to be the person that would attract Kiyoto with the sweetest scent ever. On one full moon night, Kiyoto suddenly feels more excited than usual. It is precisely when Motoharu comes back that the poor guy could no longer suppress his desire along with his supposed-to-be-hidden tails and ears... Is it just an infrequent anomaly? Or is it because Motoharu smells like... "My Lucky Star" is a funny and cute romantic journey of two idols from different species! If you are a fan of Celebrity BL, this is a must-read!

  • Yuri Wall

    8 Chapters

    “As an outsider, I want to silently protect and watch over the love between women…,” said a Yuri fanatic that got hit by a car and reincarnated as a wall in a certain apartment! And for some reason, the residents of the apartment room are always two girls in yuri relationship… Let’s support these cute and heartwarming couples together with the passionate wall in “Yuri Wall”!