• Yaoi 1 Free

    Yaoi Press BL · 10 Chapters · 12.20.07
    14 Reviews

    Yaoi anthology of three heart-wrenching love stories. First there's romance between prisoners of a medieval circus, then between members of rival Tokyo gangs, and finally, between a cop and a young man who escapes two sadistic hillbilly captors.

  • The Lily and the Rose 1 Free

    Dany&Dany BL · 5 Chapters · Completed
    16 Reviews

    World renowned studio Dany&Dany, creators of Idol and Wishing for the Moon, return with a sumptuously illustrated gothic tale of forbidden love in revolution era France.

  • The Aluria Chronicles 1 Free

    Calissa Leigh / Yishan Li BL · 5 Chapters · Completed
    17 Reviews

    Gin is falsely accused of murder and gets sacrificed to a demon. However, when the demon realizes his innocence, he takes pity on him and flies Gin to Aluria, a land of mystical creatures.

  • Saihoshi 1 Free

    KOSEN BL · 5 Chapters · Completed
    29 Reviews

    The spoiled Prince Anel must travel without military escort to a neighboring kingdom where tensions run high. Sastre, an honorable Guardian, is brought in to be Anel's only protection for the journey.

  • Stallion 1 Free

    KOSEN BL · 5 Chapters · Completed
    35 Reviews

    The Native American Stallion is out for revenge on the cowboy who ruined his life, but he has competition from Josey, another one of cowboy Bill's victims.

  • Winter Demon 1 Free

    Yamila Abraham / Studio Kosaru BL · 20 Chapters · Completed
    37 Reviews

    When three ruthless fire demons come to terrorize the monk Hakuin's village he's forced to seek help from Fuyu, the snow demon who tormented him a year ago.

  • Idol 1 Free

    Dany&Dany BL · 5 Chapters · Completed
    25 Reviews

    The jaded New York City artist David hires a beautiful hustler named Adam to pose for a painting. David finds that this portrait finally captures the true passion in his soul.

  • Zesty! 1 Free

    Margot Redding / Studio Kosaru BL · 10 Chapters · 10.16.07
    23 Reviews

    Meet Zesty Tastee, flamboyant gay playboy and heir to the Tastee Corporation fortune. That's what the world knows of him, but Zesty is also Magpie, the corporate saboteur who fights against his father's corrupt business practices.