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Let Dai 10% 1 Free

Average: 4.9 (137 votes)
591 Reviews
Completed with Vol.15 Ch.5

Is this desire for freedom the very thing that entrapped us.

Let Dai is a tragic tale of forbidden love and unforgivable betrayal.
Set in a soulless neo-Seoul ruled by young punks and pleasure seekers, an amoral teenager named Dai is the living embodiment of the city's beauty and cruelty.

As the leader of the vicious Furies gang, Dai seduces everyone who lays eyes on him, only to blind them to his own barbaric nature. When an honest schoolboy named Jaehee rescues a beautiful girl from being mugged by the Furies, he can't possibly realize how this brief encounter will plunge him into a downward spiral of unbridled passion and unfathomable pain.

From his brutal gang initiation to an unspeakable act committed against his girlfriend, Jaehee wavers uncomfortably between revulsion and fascination. And in Dai he finds a tender, caring friend one moment and a heartless sociopath the next, awakening strange and unhealthy desires in Jaehee that he could never before have imagined.

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Dai's very existence proves that evil is real. With his unpredictable and unreasonable violent behavior and madness, Dai shows the Devil himself. He shows his dry and empty inside through his encounter with Jaehee.

Jaehee is just a normal high school kid who buys a rose for his girlfriend on Valentine's Day until he meets Dai. In the midst of pain and suffering Dai inflicts on him, Jaehee is drawn to Dai through doubts and love.

Yooneun is Eunhyung's older sister who gets involved with Dai when she gets in trouble with the Furies and saved by Jaehee. Having fallen in love with Jaehee, Yooneun tries to bring Jaehee, who is drawn to Dai, back to his innocent days.

Eunhyung is Jaehee's girlfriend and Yooneun's younger sister. She has a bright and cute personality, but an assault by the Furies changes her life forever.

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- Boys Next Door:

Five-starred review

For all of my love of smut, Let Dai is the series that I most look forward to getting the next volume of. There's something about the characterization and the art that sucks you in and does not let you go. The relationship between Dai and Jaehee starts to grow as Dai rents out a room in an exclusive hotel so he and Jaehee can have a private birthday dinner. There's something quite sad about Dai and his lonely birthday. Even Jaehee didn't know what was going on until Dai clued him in. There's a slow simmer as the boys reveal the depth of their feelings for each other. Things are going well until an interloper crashes the party, shattering the perfect moment that the boys have found. We've also got Eunhyung finally finding acceptance and the courage to face Dai, but her strength of will is shaken when Dai doesn't remember her, or what happened to her. There's also Dai's father working behind the scenes to find out more about Jaehee and making sure that none of this is going to effect his upcoming election. I don't have enough words to describe the love I have for this series. If you haven't already fallen under its spell, it should definitely be on your must-buy list.

May 2007


- The Comics Review

DAI is the leader of a gang called The Furies in neo-Seoul. A schoolboy, Jaehee, happens on them taunting a girl and he steps in to stop them. What happen next changes not only his life but that of the girl and her sister as well as the devilishly beautiful Dai. Naturally the gang turns on Jaehee for his interference and he manages to escape their wrath, but only for that day. Soon they catch him alone and proceed to beat and torture him. And then a strange thing happens. The leader, Dai, stops their activity and proceeds to surprise them by cutting himself in the chest and forcing Jaehee to lick it. He then kisses Jaehee and declares, "You are mine." Sort of vampiric, don't you think? The plot thickens as the lives are intertwined. The girl, Yooneun, is enamored with Jaehee and her sister, she finds out later, considers herself his boyfriend. Meanwhile, the bizarre ritual and others that follow are slowly dragging Jaehee into Dai's orbit. He is beginning to feel love for another boy and is confused and intrigued. Nothing is black and white in this story. Dai is not just a good looking bad boy. We learn about some of the things that have harden him and why he demands much of Jaehee. This is a study in relations and perhaps will lead some to a better understanding why one might turn to a homosexual relationship, whether or not they even had considered it before. We have yet to learn how deep the relationship will go but it has hurt some and by the end of this chapter leads to betrayal. The art is special in that it conveys the emotions very clearly. The characters are distinct and special care is made to show Dai as the enchanting person apart from the others. It is a very serious story with some touch of humor to break the mood but never distracts too much. It is a story you can immerse yourself into very easily.

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User Reviews


    I would love to see a new doujinshi update for Dai and Jaehee!!

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    I have loved this story forever

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    Definetly is one of the best stories I've ever read in all genres (#1 manga and manhwa and it would be about #6 competing against the 50 novels I've read). I found this manhwa about 2 months ago and I couldn't stop reading it, I even spent an entire day reading from volume 7 to 15 (that's how addictive it is), So I will definetly buy all the 15 books (I already bought the first one).

    From the very first chapter it kept me interested because of the art, the complex characters and the plot. Some of the best qualities in my opinion are that you don't get to know what will happen next, also, the development of the story and characters is so good and strong that it really makes you cry mournfully, laugh out loud, fall in love, get scared, and pray for it to have a cute ending.

    This manhwa is a must read whether you like shounen ai or not.

    To be honest, to me Let Dai became more than just a hobby reading, it made me think about my life and the way I want to live it, I could even notice how it changed me a little bit. Anyway, maybe it was because it came at a very specific time of my life.

    (By the way, when I ended vol 15 I felt like crap because I'd miss so much reading more Let Dai, and I understood how Jaehee felt every time he missed Dai XD)

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  • Nick


    Great review!

  • 5

    I just had to reread this series that I own it and how it breaks my heart each and every time I read it and how I miss Dai and Jaehee and wish I could peek into their life once again!!! I would LOVE to see another book come out to let us see them together and happy and away from the pressure and miss teatment they went through to be together!! I've read many series and its one at the top of the list of characters you can really see how they were ment for each other and that no matter what they would always find each other!!!! I cry when I read how they feel about each other cause it makes you really believe in a soul mate and someone out there to complete yourself and make you feel whole with them and a part of you missing when they are not there. Most stories you don't get hit with that feeling like you do with Let Dai!!! It makes you believe in love!! LOVE IT!!!

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    The first thing I noticed about Let Dai, was the art. The art was almost resembling classic manga such as Sailor Moon or Inuyasha, yet the color was vibrant and the feeling modern.

    The art is extremely important to Let Dai, because it doesn't make the characters look perfect and fake. Let Dai is all about reality, and how it keeps trying to break through into Dai and Jaehee's world, where only they exist.

    Let Dai is the the first book, manhwa or manga, that I've read in a long time where such serious issues such as rape and suicide were put in between the two main characters.

    Dai is truly despicable at some times, and Jaehee is equally immature at some times. Let Dai, at the same time, is about so much more than just Jaehee and Dai. There are many other characters in Let Dai that are impacted by these twos relationship, such as Dai's gang, and of course, both of their families and friends.

    Unlike other series, Let Dai does not force a side-character short story onto you, like a filler episode. Let Dai ties these side-characters in perfectly with the main plot, and enjoyably.

    Overall, Let Dai is a series that has serious matters, like rape, gang violence, and abuse of every kind. It's also a series, however, that lets you escape into the world of Dai and Jaehee, where, when they have their few but beautiful moments together, only love and happiness exists.

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