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  • Fresh!

    30 Chapters

    A girl with a severe case of male phobia believes her male classmate is a girl. That so-called girl loves her and tries to fight off another aspirant for her heart.

  • Is It Just Me?!

    80 Chapters

    Lifelong single girl Bong and her friends' usual daily lives will make you smile.

  • KPOP Idol

    21 Chapters

    The members of a KPOP idol magazine are struggling to keep their publication going amidst declining subscribers. All at once, the new project of writing extended interesting facts brings out the innermost otaku nature of the staff members!

  • Cat Prince

    73 Chapters

    Skyla is a girl who speaks Cat. Logan is a boy who humiliates her as his hobby. One day, Logan finds himself tortured by a curse that transforms him into a cat.

  • Dalgeun, the Invincible

    16 Chapters

    Thug meets girl and this life crashes into afterlife in this fun fantasy comedy!

  • Girls' Student Council

    17 Chapters

    Myunghyun wakes up from a car accident and quickly notices a shocking reality - his and Narae's bodies are changed! He has to act normal and live Narae's life. But an average male student can't do much when Narae is a perfect student in every way. What's worse, he has to run all-girls student council as the president! Can he survive the tasks he's supposed to take on and ever regain his body?!