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Belovéd 3956

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BL Age 18+ Yaoi Press Updated Friday
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The demigod Malachi discovers that his Belovéd enemy, the avatar Jace, has been kidnapped by a barbaric land. The maniacal rulers of Ridlen have driven his Belovéd insane. Only one goal has been hammered into his tormented mind: to kill Malachi. 

This is a nonsequential series. Every episode stands alone as a singular story. Episodes are not published in a linear sequence. 

The world of Sensicry is caught in an intermittent war with the demigod Malachi. While he slumbers, for 200 years at a time, there is peace. When he’s awake the Sencrysians send seven avatars to fight him in games overseen by the war gods. If the avatars fail, Sensicry is enslaved by Malachi. If they defeat him, Malachi becomes a slave to their world. The outcome persists until the demigod leaves for another 200 years of rest. This cycle has played out again and again throughout millennium. 

Malachi never used to lose the war. Then the war gods handicapped him by giving him a sexual appetite and the capacity to fall in love. He became fixated on Jace, the avatar from the most prominent country of Sensicry. Every time Jace is reincarnated to fight for his land he’s forced to accept his destiny: he is the Belovéd of their enemy. 

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