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  • My Lucky Star

    5 Chapters

    To support his werewolf family, Kiyoto Ogami joined an Idol audition despite the risk of being found out as a nonhuman. Surprisingly, he was then chosen as one of the members of a promising idol group, but the most popular member, Motoharu does not agree with Kiyoto's acceptance. Aside from his mission to earn money, Kiyoto also has an obligation to find a destined bride which was told by tradition to be the person that would attract Kiyoto with the sweetest scent ever. On one full moon night, Kiyoto suddenly feels more excited than usual. It is precisely when Motoharu comes back that the poor guy could no longer suppress his desire along with his supposed-to-be-hidden tails and ears... Is it just an infrequent anomaly? Or is it because Motoharu smells like... "My Lucky Star" is a funny and cute romantic journey of two idols from different species! If you are a fan of Celebrity BL, this is a must-read!