• Girls' Student Council 3 Free

    Hyongsup Shin / Hyewon Han Comedy · 17 Chapters · Completed
    1 Reviews

    Myunghyun wakes up from a car accident and quickly notices a shocking reality - his and Narae's bodies are changed! He has to act normal and live Narae's life. But an average male student can't do much when Narae is a perfect student in every way. What's worse, he has to run all-girls student council as the president! Can he survive the tasks he's supposed to take on and ever regain his body?!

  • Idol Keyboard Warriror 3 Free

    Hyongsup Shin / Seongeun Kim Drama · 3 Chapters · 06.26.17
    2 Reviews

    Idol turned keyboard warrior meets a once otaku fan of the the band he was in.