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  • It's Not Love

    90 Chapters

    It's simply passion and sexual desire between Ganghyuk and Joowon. A firework that could soon die out because they are from different social classes.

  • There's Something About Sunyool

    37 Chapters

    Sunyool Lee, a twenty-something rags-to-riches story. From a down-and-out illegitimate child to the only daughter of a powerful politician, she's seen and heard it all. Now it’s time for her to pick the right groom out of three!

  • Romance Papa

    33 Chapters

    Sangbum, a misogynistic and germophobic plastic surgeon, is shocked to discover that the sperm he donated as a medical student has resulted in a 13-year-old daughter, Myunghae. Myunghae's foster parents were killed in an accident, so she gets unceremoniously dropped into her biological dad's life.

  • Click

    33 Chapters

    Joonha is a normal, healthy boy of sixteen who has cruised through life without too many problems. Imagine his surprise when a recent trip to the bathroom suddenly reveals that he's not normal at all!

  • June

    16 Chapters
    Feb 22, 2008

    Dr. Gangjae Lee clones his wife, whose astonishing beauty and sexiness captivates men. But a subquality clone of his wife interacting with other men is not such a great miracle. Together with others, Dr. Lee devotes himself to this project. But the story takes a different turn when…

  • Lie to Me

    7 Chapters

    7 graphic novellas by Youngran Lee.