• Vibration Life 1 Free

    S-KUN BL · 4 Chapters · Completed
    53 Reviews

    Haeyoon Suh is a scrappy, cute 18-year-old who's attached at the hip to the slick Sungmoo Kang. Sungmoo, the easygoing, compassionate and carefree best friend of Haeyoon's brother, Haeil, has always been the person Haeyoon turns to.

  • Love Recycle 1 Free

    S-KUN BL · 2 Chapters · Completed
    21 Reviews

    A loaded and degenerate old man. A smooth-talking, handsome guy out to make some cash on the side. And the mysterious but feisty young boy who crashes the scene.

  • Mind Flow 1 Free

    S-KUN BL · 2 Chapters · Completed
    16 Reviews

    Haesoo has been dating a married man for two years now. But when he's blackmailed by a guy his lover's wife hired, he makes a rather creative decision to solve the problem.